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Hot Grog Cocktail Recipe - Caribbean Style

Wow - That was a humdinger of a storm in the south and here in the Northeast. We got 12" of snow in Boston. Today during the storm, we made Hot Grog - Caribbean Style. This brought us to the beach - of only for a minute before we mentally prepared to shovel the heavy snow.

This is a variation on traditional British grog. It has vitamin C and rum – everybody wins! Good for sore throats, runny noses, aches, boredom, ennui, and nights with nothing on cable.

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This recipe uses: Cinnamon Cocktail Sugar   Hot Grog Recipe

Hot Grog Cocktail Recipe - Caribbean Style

Hot Grog Cocktail

Ingredients needed:

  • 2 oz. Bacardi Superior or Bacardi Gold
  • 2 oz. Water
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 3 oz. orange juice
  • 2 oz. pineapple juice
  • 2 oz. grapefruit juice
  • Cinnamon Stick
  • Lemon Wedge
  • Lime Tree Cove Cinnamon Cocktail Sugar   Hot Grog Recipe


  1. Heat the water in the microwave (or on the stovetop if making more than one) until hot but not boiling.
  2. Add the honey, and stir until dissolved.
  3. In a larger container, add the honey-water mix to the fruit juices. Heat until hot but not boiling, then stir in the rum.
  4. Wet the rim of a heatproof cup or mug with the lemon wedge.
  5. Use your Barmaid Drink Rimmer to rim the glass with Lime Tree Cove Cove Cinnamon Cocktail Sugar   Hot Grog Recipe.
  6. Pour in the cocktail, and garnish with a cinnamon stick.
  7. Enjoy.

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Article Posted January 12, 2011

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